Our part of the team and personal codex
One of our main concerns is the maintenance of a pleasant and respectful work environment within the AStA. As leaders, we take responsibility to ensure cooperation with the individual departments in a mutually respectful space, where we are all equal, with as little hierarchies as possible. It is our task to help and support departments through all issues university life may throw at them. We see ourselves more as friendly coordinators than a directorate and always strive for joined, democratic decisionmaking. We are aware of our regal responisbilities towards the AStA and will work to the best of our abilities to honor it. Another important responsibility of our is the organisation of and participation in workshops and in-house training with the entire AStA. Coordinating and planning theses regularly is one of the many responsibilities of the management committee.

Public relations (PR)
The chairpersons are representatives of the AStA and the first point of contact for internal and external organisations. This includes communication with students, the head of university, the burocratic offices, the senat – but also with student led groups. We want to be transparent about our work with the student body, which is why we publish the protocolls of our weekly team meetings. We aim to make our political work more ascessibel to students and want to spark – and keep- an interest in political and societal participation.

We want to strengthen and expand the network between the AStA and student groups, autonomous departments, work-groups (AGs), student faculties (Fachschaften). Working together strengthens group spirit among students and (best case) will foster more constructive workethic. That’s why we care deeply about keeping in close contact with university personal, the rectorate and university management.

Lena & Leo

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