As committee for “Hochschulpolitik” (university politics), we deal with students problems that come up during their studies and teaching, mainly cornerning discrimination (be that structural, systemic, or individual). We help students and connect them with the rectoriat, student departments (“Fachschaften”) and other committees that fight for more fair conditions at university, like the “bielefeld model of studies”. A step forwards we constantly have to defend, as some departments, like the faculty of law, are constantly pushing back and have in parts managed to abolish unlimited exam tries.

In the upcoming legisalture, we strive for an improvement in study conditions in an effort for a more inclusive university. We want to raise awareness among professors for vulnerable student groups and demand that the rectoriat work towards an accessible university, tearing down structural barriers. One example for this is the “Nachteilsausgleich” (evening out of a disadvantage), that is still  not available for students with chronic stress. We fully support TV-Stud, a student rights union fighting for better working conditions for student employees at bielefeld university.For a revival of a vocal student body, for better conditions for all students. We are fighting for you.

We are Ogi & Annika.

You can contact us at: hopo@asta-bielefeld.de