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Welcome at the AStA-financial office!

We manage students funds, which are collected as part of the social tuition (Sozialbeitrag) that all students at bielefeld university pay as part of the semester tuition (Semesterbeitrag).

The semester tuition has three cost factors: the Studierendenwerk, the AStA and the semesterticket. As you can see ion the chart below, we spend most of the tuition on the semesterticket and not on other AStA services.

In the Summersemester 2024, the semester tuition split like this:

Studierendenwerk91,00 Euro
Beitrag der Studierendenschaft, bestehend aus: 
AStA/ other services (Allgemeiner Beitrag der Studierendenschaft)18,35 Euro
Semesterticket (Deutschlandsemesterticket)176,40 Euro
Total285,75 Euro

For more details on what the AStA / other services are, find a chart below.

If you already were a student at bielefeld in the last wintersemester (23/24), your social tuition (sozialbeitrag) reduces by 6,73€. You’ll find the correct number in your “Statusportal”.
The reason for this reduction is that, for a long time, we didn’t know if or how the semesterticket was going to be funded- so we planned with the worst-case in mind. Luckily, that didn’t happen, so you’ll get back what we overcharged.

If you are no longer a student, but were last wintersemester, you can get your 6,73€ back by following the directions here.

Allgemeiner Betrag der Studierendenschaft:

AStA11,66 Euro
Campusradio Hertz 87,91,10 Euro
Hochschulsport1,50 Euro
Rental Bike „Siggi“1,25 Euro
SchwuR0,71 Euro
FemRef0,71 Euro
RSB0,71 Euro
ISR0,71 Euro
Total18,35 Euro

We use the AStA part to fund our work, the AGs and the student councils (Fachschaften). The other funds go to the committee they are allotted to.
We fund the campus radio station and the sports programme offered by the Hochschulsport as well as the rental bikes “meinSiggi”.
As a studnet, you can rent them free of charge for up to 60 minutes. You can find a tutorial here.

The SchwuR is the “Schwulen Referat”/ comittee for gay students
The FemRef, or IaRfFLT, is the international autonomous Referat for women*, lesbians and transgender.
The RSB is the comittee for students with handicaps and other strenghts.
The ISR is the international students counsil.

These for comittees offer councilling, safe spaces, plan events and fight for students interests.

You can find the legal justifications for the Sozialbeitrag here.

If you have any questions about our finances, or simply want to know more, you can find our curretn Haushaltsplan here. our most recent calculations can be found here.

You’re welcome to send us an email or visit us during our office hours.

Our accountants are Sven and Jonas.


Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss
Referat für Finanzen
Universität Bielefeld
Universitätsstraße 25
33501 Bielefeld

Tel. 0521 / 106 – 3437
Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 12-14
in L4-123